About  Julie Lancaster

Julie LancasterI’ve been a freelance business writer, editor, and desktop publisher since 1984, but writing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Thanks to the astute Miss Shock, for example, my fourth-grade class at Denver’s Washington Park Elementary School did a full-costume production of my play, “The Pharaoh’s Daughter.”

At the University of Colorado I spurned the logical majors, such as English and journalism, and got a bachelor’s degree in Mandarin Chinese (no, I don’t speak it today) with a minor in French. This focus on languages gave me a deep appreciation for structure and grammar and sharpened my instincts for clear communication.

After college, I worked at a packaged-seed-and-gift company and then at a button company — both small, wholesale companies run by entrepreneurs with a zest for detail. Working in various departments, I learned the ropes of operating a small business and found my bosses consulting with me frequently about internal and marketing communications.

Since starting Business Writing Services, I’ve worked with dozens of clients on hundreds of projects. This is normally a one-woman (and one cat) shop but, when the project requires it, we enlist the services of other writers, editors, proofreaders, designers, indexers, etc., to get the job done. So far, we haven’t had to call on extra cats, but you never know.

Unlike many writers and editors, I don’t have a novel festering within. That’s because I burn off my excess creative energy in music. But that’s another Web site.

If you like what you read here and think my services may be a match for your project, please give me a call.

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