Forms Redesign

Form Redesign for Teacher Education

Customer Need: 
jl_cs_mscg3In 2009, Sandra Haynes, Ph.D., Dean of Professional Studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver, wanted to make some changes in the teacher licensure forms in the Teacher Education Department.

Displayed in hanging pockets and covering a full wall in the Teacher Application Office, dozens of different forms explained the teacher licensure process for various program areas (e.g., Mathematics, Behavioral Science) and different levels (early childhood education, elementary, secondary). The forms had evolved over the years with input from various departments, so there were inconsistencies. Also, it wasn’t easy to distinguish one from another, they suffered from cumbersome academic-ese, and they were confusing to use. The whole batch needed an overhaul.

Dr. Haynes contacted College Communications, the institution’s in-house communications agency, with whom we’ve worked on numerous projects over the years. College Communications called us.

Working closely with Dr. Haynes and Teacher Education staff, we redesigned the forms, employing simple graphics and headings to guide the reader. We rewrote several as examples, using plainer, more direct language, and established a list of principles and style decisions for College staff to use when upgrading the rest of the forms.

We delivered templates that Teacher Application Staff members subsequently used to update all the remaining forms in the area. Today the wall of forms in the Teacher Application Office looks tidier, holding easy-to-identify forms that are all available online as well.

What the customer said:
“I’m very excited. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for your help and patience!”

Sandra D. Haynes, Ph.D., Dean, School of Professional Studies
Metropolitan State University of Denver