Franchise Manual

Franchise Manual for a Mobile Fueling and Service Company

Customer Need:
Equipment SaversEquipment Savers, Equipment Savers Fleet Maintenance, Denver, CO, does onsite fueling, preventive maintenance, and repair of heavy equipment and vehicle fleets. As the first step toward franchising their operation, the company needed a franchise operations manual and called us.

The company had been in business for 20 years and had well-established procedures, but few were written down. We sat down with managers in the various divisions and asked a lot of questions, drafting sections for their review and incorporating their changes until the manual was finalized to their satisfaction.

A desktop-published manual of 100+ pages complete with organizational charts, job descriptions, and company forms.

What the customer said:
“Thanks for working with Equipment Savers on this important and time-consuming project. Our hats off to you for capturing the sometimes complex operations in each of our three services.”

Tom Hutcheson, President
Equipment Savers Fleet Maintenance