Service Manual

Service Manual for a Medical Device


Customer Need:
MedivanceMedivance, Louisville, CO, the market leader in targeted patient temperature management and one of the fastest-growing companies in Boulder County, had just released the Arctic Sun 5000, the latest version of their award-winning medical device, and needed to complete a service manual for it. They found us online and emailed us.

After reviewing preliminary sections the company had drafted, we sat with their engineers as they disassembled the unit and, piece by piece, put it back together. We asked questions, wrote down the answers, and made notes on dozens of photos. Back at our office, we drafted new sections for the client’s review.

The customer received a finished draft in MS Word, complete with meticulously labeled photos, making the manual easy to turn over to the artist for final production.

What the customer said:
“In order to complete this task, it was necessary for Julie to observe all of the technical processes involved in the maintenance and repair of the machine. I was astounded at how quickly she was able to learn the processes after just being shown once and put together a product that we were very happy with. I would not hesitate to contact her in the future if I required another manual to be written.”

Tim Gallagher, Field Service Engineer

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